What are Ruins of Corotoman?

Ruins of Corotoman is a weekly missive exploring culture, history, philosophy, and politics through various literary devices. Monthly subscribers will have access to book reviews and recommendations, as well as commentary on recent articles and events.

Who am I?

My name is Lafayette Lee and I am a fallen aristocrat living out my days in the swampy backwaters of Old Virginia. I write not of glands, but of the heart.

Who are you?

You are likely some kind of dissident, ruffian, or oddball, deeply dissatisfied with the monstrous present and in search of an exit. Welcome.

Or perhaps you are a rootless cosmopolitan who worships at the altar of Progress and by some strange twist of fate, found your way into the Ruins. If this be you, it’s probably best that we go our separate ways. The world is already yours.

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